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8th National Award Function for Grassroots Innovations and Outstanding Traditional Knowledge


Natural Water Cooler

Commercial water coolers are expensive, require maintenance and run on electricity. Refrigerators operate on the principle of heat transfer and earthen pots work on the principle of evaporation to cool water. Arvindbhai has combined both these features and developed a Natural Water Cooler.

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Sugar Cane Juice Extractor

People go to different road side vendors to drink the juice. But, there is a continuous threat of diseases like cholera & Jaundice primarily caused by unhygienic conditions. There is no machine available in the market which can be used for extracting sugar cane juice at home.

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Clay Cooker

This Clay Cooker has been made from special clay. It is a pressure cooker made from clay. Food cooked in this clay vessel retains its natural taste.

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Welcome to GIAN...!

GIAN is helping unaided, unqualified, untrained individual innovator from the informal sector who has conceptualized/developed technological innovation and/or outstanding traditional knowledge practices.

GIAN is India's first technology business incubator focused on incubating and commercialising grassroots innovations. Grassroots innovations are essentially solutions generated by people at the grassroots levels to tide over persistent problems, the solutions to which are either not available or not affordable by a large section of the consumer masses in developing countries like India.
These innovations, therefore, capture an unmet need of a large section of the population and building a value chain around these innovations to take them to market holds the potential of wealth creation in a truly sustainable and equitable manner. The objective of GIAN is to build the value chain around these innovations with the end objective of making these available to the masses through the market mechanism or otherwise.
  Technology Incubation
  GIAN incubates high potential grassroots innovations into market ready products...more
  IPR Protection
  GIAN, since its inception, has been actively involved in helping innovators...more
  Technology Commercialisation
  GIAN assists innovators to take their innovations to the market...more

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